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Do you love cocktails? And chocolate?

Then Raaf's Cocktail Connoisseur Box is for you.

The Box contains a selection of classic cocktails - in chocolate form!


The chocolates in this box:


- Espresso Martini x3

White infused coffee chocolate.Homemade coffee liqueur ganache from "Friedhats" coffee and vodka.


- Gin tonic x3

White infused Earl Grey chocolate.Roku gin, earl grey and bergamot.


- Amaretto sour x3

Amaretto ganach

Grapefruit lemon Pâte de Fruit

Raaf's Cocktail Connoisseur Box

    • Althought alcohol is used in the preparation of these chocolates they contain less than 0,5% alcohol.

    • The shapes and colours of the Chocolates might differ from the pictures - but they will look as pretty :)

    • Raaf Chocolatier Chocolates are best kept at room temperature - Avoid sunlight and the fridge.

    • We recommend consumption within two weeks of recieving the product, unless the product packaging says otherwise.
    • Please be advised our products may contain traces of allergens like: Nuts and Seeds, Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Egg
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