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Raaf Chocolatier

Camiel Jiskoot

Raaf Chocolatier (named for Camiel’s middle name Rafaël) was founded by Camiel Jiskoot. Camiel has had years of experience in modern European- and Scandinavian-style kitchens, where his passion for desserts and patisserie started. It was during the completion of a renowned Dutch patisserie program and working in patisserie that he discovered the versatility of chocolate, combining it with interesting and exciting ingredients that he had grown accustomed to in fine-dining. Having come from an industry that is constantly innovating and modernizing, Camiel noticed that Dutch chocolatiers tend to adhere to traditional flavour profiles. As such, Camiel founded Raaf to create innovative chocolates following the experimental approach of fine-dining cuisine.


Raaf employs fundamental traditional techniques and combines this with ingredients from all over the globe in order to create surprising new flavour profiles. For Camiel, intensity of flavour is the priority. Recipes are therefore not altered to lengthen shelf life by adding sugar, for example. Additionally, Raaf prioritises the origin and sustainability of ingredients, by using fairtrade chocolate, ecological ingredients, and colouring made out of natural products. Thus, Raaf chocolatier strives to encompass look, taste, quality and sustainability in every chocolate.

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